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What Is BioTE Hormone Therapy?

Persistent fatigue, weight fluctuations, decreased sexual drive, or a general sense of losing vitality could indicate a hormonal imbalance. As we mature, hormone levels essential for our body's optimal function start to decline in men (a phase known as andropause) and women (menopause). This hormonal reduction can impact every facet of our lives. That's why our Glow Aesthetics + Wellness team proudly introduces BioTE hormone therapy, a cutting-edge solution in hormone replacement therapy. A tiny pellet, no larger than a rice grain, placed beneath the skin can restore hormonal equilibrium, rejuvenate your energy, and significantly enhance your life quality. If you are located in Wapello, IA, contact us today to learn more about the benefits of BioTE hormone therapy and arrange a confidential consultation.

How Does BioTE Hormone Therapy Work?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is designed to rectify hormonal imbalances in the body, whether they're due to natural aging processes or specific medical conditions. This could lead to decreased testosterone levels in men and disproportionate estrogen levels in women. In the past, hormones were typically administered through injections, creams, or pills. While these methods can be effective, they also present the potential for dosing errors, particularly when self-administered. BioTE hormone therapy resolves this issue by utilizing tiny pellets inserted beneath the skin. These pellets are packed with a personalized blend of bioidentical hormones that gradually dissolve over months, guaranteeing consistent, appropriate hormone delivery into your body. On average, about three pellets per year suffice to maintain an ideal hormonal equilibrium.

Here's how the BioTE hormone therapy process unfolds:

  • Danielle or a member of her team will discuss your health history during your initial consultation and conduct a physical examination
  • You'll undergo blood work to assess your current hormone levels
  • BioTE pellets will be specifically formulated to meet your unique requirements
  • The pellet is implanted under your skin in the upper buttocks area
  • As the pellet gradually dissolves, it rebalances your body's hormone levels, instilling a sense of increased energy, mental acuity, and youthfulness

This swift procedure incurs minimal discomfort, and once the pellet is in place, you'll barely notice its presence.

Reclaim a More Balanced Life

Don't let the effects of aging or a hormonal imbalance keep you from living your best life. Call Glow Aesthetics + Wellness in Wapello, IA today to learn more about BioTE hormone therapy and schedule a consultation. Reclaim a healthier, stronger, sexier, and more balanced life with BioTE.

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