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What Is IV Infusion Therapy?

Are you looking to elevate your overall vigor and vitality? At Glow Aesthetics + Wellness, our staff of experienced experts offers intravenous (IV) nutrient services to help you get back to feeling your best. With various options to consider, our custom-tailored IV blends consist of fluids that might help to rejuvenate your complexion radiance, help with losing weight, lower stress levels, address nutritional deficiencies, treat chronic fatigue, and boost the immune system. We will work with you to determine which type of IV blend is right for your goals. If you want to discover more information regarding the benefits of IV treatments, get in touch with our facility in Wapello, IA to set up an appointment.

What Can I Expect During an IV Session?

After we decide which concoction and style of IV wellness treatment to best work for your desires, including injectable vitamins, like Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, immunity, or burner booster, we'll carefully apply the vitamin cocktail in one of our private treatment areas. Your treatment area will be disinfected and the drip will be attached. Patients will be able to relax or even take a nap for the entirety of the treatment. The IV drip feeds the vitamin cocktail through a slow application into the bloodstream. Once it's over, we'll secure a small dressing on the site of insertion. IV therapy typically takes about an hour to complete, after which you're free to leave our Wapello, IA office and get back to your activities without any downtime needed.

Feel Your Best with IV Infusion Therapy

By having IV nutrient therapy, you can experience improvements from a number of undesirable symptoms and feel your best. At Glow Aesthetics + Wellness, we happily provide this individualized treatment for individuals who have a number of needs and symptoms. Contact our Wapello, IA office to learn more about IV vitamin therapy or book an appointment with Danielle and her team.

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